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Hello, my name is George Urbaszek. I am a bass player and music educator.

This website is made for all musicians who want to (or must) improve their practice techniques, strategies and routines. Whether you are in need of guitar practice tips, piano practice tips, bass practice techniques, sight-reading tips ... you get the idea: tips on how to practice any music instrument including vocals and drums ... just read on to find out how GoodMusicPractice will give you skills and strategies on how to practice music effectively. is for beginner musicians and professionals alike.

It is a great resource for music teachers too!

And ... it helps parents find the best music practice method for their children.

  • Do you have problems focussing?
    I can help you get centered.
  • Do you need help finding the best music practice method for your child?
  • My eBook will give you and your child the guidance you need.
  • Do you have performance anxiety?
    I can help you overcome your apprehensions.
  • Do you practice the right stuff?
    I can help you choose the best music practice items.
  • Is your music practice going in circles?
    I will help you get out of that rut.
  • Is your sight reading slow and tedious?
    With my help you will get it at least 95% right on the first pass.
  • Can you practice comfortably with a metronome?
    I will give you some great tips on how to practice music with a timekeeper - This will get your groove on.
  • Do you need to improve your aural skills?
    I will show you exactly - in very easy steps - how you can work out an entire piece of music from a recording

Simply put, without good music practice your/your child's/your students' music practice and performance will suffer.

During my 48 years of experience as a musician and 36 years experience as a professional musician and music teacher, I have come across many ways of how to practice music. Some of those music practice techniques were effective and efficient and others were truly a waste of time, resources and energy.

I made many mistakes myself… but always found a way to fix them. That is the key. And that key I can give to you.

The approach I use to help you overcome your practice difficulties is suited to you and your way of life. My system address all types of learners.

One of the first things you will find via my system is the ability to identify what type of learner you are. Once you know how you learn best, you will be able to easily apply simple, yet predominantly unknown or often overlooked elements from my system of GoodMusicPractice. These elements will significantly improve your own music practice.

The great thing is that you probably don't even have change how much or how often you practice. With my help, you will learn how to practice your music with only very small, incremental, yet very positive, easy and manageable changes.

You can see proof of my music teaching method on this web page Music Practice Proof (which contains at least 94 testimonials) and on my You Tube channel (with over 3.5 million views and 15,000 subscribers) here George Urbaszek on You Tube

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The GoodMusicPractice Method - An Overview

When you buy the entire GoodMusicPractice Method you will learn

  • Why GoodMusicPractice works for you
  • What type of learner you are
  • How you learn best
  • The three secrets to help improve your sight reading drastically
  • Warm-ups ... and why they may NOT work for you
  • The ideal practice routine to suit your personal circumstances
  • How to teach yourself
  • How to learn a new piece of music - both written and by ear
  • How to practice and master difficult passages ... easily
  • How to focus with consistency
  • How to overcome performance anxiety
  • How you can use the GoodMusicPractice Method in the classroom
    ... and much, much more!

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"I had the privilege of proof reading this for George and would recommend it to any musician of any age or level.

It is a comprehensive work (95 pages) covering many elements of "music practice" set out in clearly defined chapters.

It is written in the first person and is like having one on one lessons with George.

Check it out at

Free samples are available or you can download the complete work for a reasonable $24.99"

Steve Loader
Musician and Music Teacher


"George, I've been in business since 1986 and built the largest franchise print shop in the states for many years.

Many things you say in there I've used over the years: Practice, focus, repetition, you are what you think.

I'm 70 now and find it interesting that those same things work for music.

I like the book a lot

Phil Cheney, 9 August 2012


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